Latino Racial Profiling

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Latino Racial Profiling & Consequence of being Latino on the Streets.


Latino Racially profiled



A Memphis resident was a victim of racial profiling last week while on his daily walks through his neighborhood.

Treviño was accosted by a police officer who on his routine walk stopped him and asked for his documentation. Flabergasted, Treviño told the officer that he was a U.S. citizen though the officer still insisted on seeing his proper paperwork. After defending his case, Treviño pulled out his Social Security Card and gave it to the officer, speechless that this was actually happening.

When asked for a comment on what had occurred, the Memphis Police Department Lt. Karen Rudolph said there´s no record of the incident.

“Memphis police officers are not instructed to inquire on any person’s citizenship,” Rudolph said. “The Memphis Police Department does not enforce immigration laws.”


The reality of a Broken System


Treviño chose not to file an official complaint against the office whose name or appearance he couldn´t recall from the shocking incident.

Even though the encounter lasted no more than 10 minutes, Treviño was said he was left terrified and feeling ¨less than.¨

“You know you have a broken system when a legal immigrant is afraid to go on walks in his own neighborhood,” Treviño said. “It makes me afraid for the undocumented immigrant whose fear is probably 100 times worse.”

This type of racial profiling is especially scary, Treviño said, after a new “mass-deportation” bill passed the Tennessee General Assembly and advanced to the governor’s desk last week.


Bill HB2315/SB232


The bill prohibits state and local governments from adopting sanctuary policies for undocumented immigrants. Requiring local law enforcement agencies to enforce federal immigration laws.

This means all law enforcement officers, including campus police, are required to inquire about immigration and citizenship status during routine stops.

“Husbands might go to work, kiss their wives and kids, and wonder if it’s the last time he’ll see his family,” Treviño said. “People shouldn’t have to live like that. It’s an injustice.”

Courtesy of the Memphis Flyer

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