John Leguizamo Embraces Tokenism for Latinos

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John Leguizamo Embraces Tokenism for Latinos


John Leguizamo embraces Tokenism for Latinos


John Leguizamo is known for his appearances in films such as the Ice Age series, and the Infiltrator, among others.  But aside from acting and comedy, he´s also a partner of the NGL Collective. He´s currently working on improving Latinos and the media. Also creating a proper link between advertisers with our growing demographics in Latinos.


During the 4As Accelerate Conference in Miami, John Leguizamo spoke about the initiatives he´s taking to elevate the image of Latinos.


We are now 20% of the population, with $2 trillion in buying power.


¨That is the U.S. budget for this year.¨ Leaning towards the conviction that we have buying power, just waiting for the public to see.



¨We are spending and enjoying media, but just aren’t considered in the plot¨, he says. He doesn’t understand the lack of urgency for including Latino voices.


“We are the second-oldest ethic group in America, so why aren’t Latin people further along?” asks Leguizamo. It isn’t because we aren’t intelligent, creative, assertive or talented enough, he says.


Although he looks forward to all of the opportunities for the Latino community in culture. He also notes his confliction with gangster films and shows such as ¨Narcos¨, that project and entirely fake and negative stereotype of Latinos.




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