Eugenio Derbez New Film ¨Overboard¨, talks about Latinos in Hollywood

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Eugenio Derbez + Latino + Hollywood equals the story of a successor.


Eugenio Derbez receiving a star in hollywood

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Eugenio Derbez is by far a pillar of the Latino Movement community that has broken many barriers and now stands tall in the Latin America entertainment industry in Hollywood and the U.S.

You can say he had already made it in Mexico, I mean the community here loves Eugenio Derbez, he´s a true icon. So what makes him stand out the most now that he´s not acting in Mexico.

Just the small fact that even though he had already made it, he decided to take a big leap of faith in hopes for more. Moving out of Mexico and into the U.S. is not an easy task, even for celebrities.

Derbez is always reminded of things such as ¨Everyone thought I was crazy when I moved to the U.S. after having had a very successful career in Mexico.¨ ¨It was like Adam Sandler turning his back on Hollywood and going to China to start all over. ¨

Astonishingly he trusted his gut, which is something that he’s now proud of.

He is now one of the most trusted and loved Latino actors in Hollywood after his record-breaking film Instructions Not Included which became the highest grossing Spanish language film ever worldwide. It had a $5 million budget, made just over $100 million worldwide.

Now with a new project just launched in May, Overboard starting Eugenio Derbez and Anna Faris, he´s set to make a hole in the Latino American community.

In an interview with Forbes, he talks about the production company that he started along his longtime friend and founder Ben Odell. 3Pas production plans are not only to penetrate the Latino Market but specifically have 4 quadrants that will target English language features with Eugenio which have a Latino focus and others which are for a general market.

Also, English language television products that will feature a Latino lead and Spanish language movies for Mexico and the U.S. Hispanic audiences.

The idea behind their strategies is to not just make Latino-based films featuring only Latinos. But rather using our Latino creativity and going behind the production such as what Guillermo del Toro has done very successfully. Even though we had the highest rate of movie going in 2017 among ethnic groups in the U.S., according to Motion Picture Association of America, the industry still doesn´t understand the Latino Community.

Eugenio Derbez notes that his next goal is to get behind the lights and start doing some filming of his own which is has proven successful during his acting days in Mexico. But also siding with Ben Odell they are proposing that the head management has to be a bit more diversified in order to be able to understand the Latino Market which is something that Hollywood is still struggling with.

Though he denotes that ¨When it comes to comedy, you almost need to be born in this country to understand the culture of what people laugh at.¨ But he mentions that he’s been studying the market and is ready to get behind the scenes in a 5-10 year span.

Overboard is in theaters now


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