Do Latinos Work Hard or Smart?

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Do Latinos Work Hard or Smart?

Who here can relate to the following job occupations :




House Painters



Fast Food workers

Factory Workers

Fruit and Vegetable picking jobs

Other construction related occupations

…Did I miss any?

I can proudly say that I´ve poured some serious hours into some of these jobs.

But if you ask me, would I do it again?

Probably not, well unless I really had to.

Wait not really.

Sure it contributes to the chip on my shoulder and fuels my ambitious.

But is this working hard or smart?

Believe it or not, some of the above hard labor jobs pay well above the minimum wage, or at least it compensates for the risk involved.

But at what cost?

Omar, but I feel stronger than ever. I´m 25, making some serious cash and loving every minute of it.
Sure but for how long until your body starts to wear down?


The reality of busting your ass (working hard)

Latino in carshop


A clear example of this is my stepdad. He’s been working as an electrician for as long as I’ve known him.

He makes a pretty decent salary´(at least for someone that doesn’t speak a word of English), up until recently when he had a serious heat stroke. Guess none of the company supervisors told him that being out in the blazing Arizona heat for long periods of time will affect him.

Or perhaps they did, but I´m sure his limited understating of the language played an important role.

So what now?

With no other skills nor college degree and no money saved up.

Sadly this is the story of a handful of Latinos in the United States, at least the previous generations.

From a millennial standpoint, or the son of a struggling Latina we can only learn from their mistakes. Help them as much as we can, not just financially but strategically.

Believe me, it´s easier said than done, Latinos are some of the most hard-headed people I know.


Latinos in the workforce


As you can see in this chart gathered by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that bloomberg published, Latinos hold some of the hardest labor jobs in the field.

Don´t believe me, go to your nearest McDonalds, or construction site.

latinos in the workforce


So what´s holding us back?

Are the stereotypes really true?

Why can´t we have the CEO or at least manager position jobs?

Are we just not cut out for these positions?


With so many questions, I´ve come to the conclusion that we need to work smarter.


Working Smarter




If you want to be successful in the long term, you have to put in long hours. Begin early, before anyone else, be willing to stay up late when everyone else is enjoying their afternoons and evenings. 

Cliche right?

So what does it mean to work harder?

My mom works hard, she busts her behind day in and day out. So why isn´t she successful or a millionaire. I´ve come to the conclusion that she´s not necessarily working SMART.

Have you heard the phrase less is more?

Tim Ferris, a great speaker, and best-selling author explains it best in his book, the 4hr work week.

Where he elaborates on the idea of managing time efficiently, outsourcing time-consuming tasks and focusing on the strategies that will earn your business or yourself more money. While spending most of your time on activities you never had the time to do because of your 9-5 schedule.

Don´t have a business? Don´t worry, we´ll be covering this in a future post where I provide you with a blueprint for creating a business from scratch.


Be patient



Knowledge is power‘ is a popular proverb. It means that knowledge is more powerful than physical strength and no great work can be done without knowledge. Knowledge is a powerful factor that empowers people achieves great results. The more knowledge a person gains, the more powerful he becomes. (By 

I know hard to process, don’t worry take your time.

Patience is what most say we´re lacking as a generation.

With a movie or Tv series at our fingertips (via Netflix), online shopping that offers same day shipping (via Amazon). Not to say how we can now get a date by swiping right on our phone (via Tinder).

All of these things are awesome technological advances that previous generations probably would have wanted during their prime years.

But what´s the downside?

They have made us impatient human beings, we want things to happen at a push of a button. We want to become successful right after we get out of college.

It doesn´t work like that.

And sadly the world has yet to tell us so.

From experience I´d say, stop chasing the quick buck unless you plan on investing that money for something bigger.

Focus on gaining experience in the field you love, intern, work for free, gain real knowledge!

Become obsessed with hard work no matter if it’s not converting into money, as Steve Jobs said, you can only connect the dots looking backward not forward.

Be patient in the macro but hustle on the micro, Gary Vaynerchuck.

Meaning, bust your ass on the day to day but be patient about the long term. If you stack each block on a daily basis, the wall will eventually be built.


So how do I work smart?



Do Less — Then Obsess

I think we all agree that multitasking is just not how we were wired to operate. Doing 9000 tasks at once while trying to listen to our favorite podcast at the office is just not possible.

Face it, it´s NOT possible.

Ever feel like less is more?

Well,  it is.

Think about it, why do the rich and successful have people that handle all of the monkey tasks for them? Running errands, grocery shopping, doing the simple tasks within their companies?

So they can focus on what they feel is important. They want to spend as much of their time and energy on the tasks that they truly believe will get them to where they want to be.

Don´t believe me?

Cut things and see what happens. Do you have to check-in with the wifey every 5 minutes? Must you have your phone with you at all times? Do you really need to text or check your favorite social media platform?

Allocating 90% of your time and energy to one task will reflect in its output, rather than half-assing it because you ran out of time or weren´t fully focused.

Reduce the number of activities you perform — and reallocate that time to intensity.

This also applies to my hard labor Latinos.

Not suggesting to work less, because you´d probably be fired.

But rather do enough to make that paycheck and to meet the standards. Then allocate the energy you still have to do something you actually like doing.

Need side hustle ideas or inspiration, check out my previous post on the 20 practical ways to hustle as a Latino.

Then lock in and GO HARD.



Feel Passion & Purpose

As mentioned previously, working smart means working with a purpose.

Ever had a job which you dreaded with your soul? ( yes, been there)

So why did you stay?

Was the pay good?

Most of us currently hold great paying positions though we lack passion for what we do.



Do many things.

Do you like playing the guitar? What about writing? Singing?

I´m guessing the answer is NO.

But how do you know if you´ve never actually tried any of the above activities?

When you´re on the quest of figuring out what you’re passionate in, it´s actually quite easy.

Do things. Do a lot of things. It’s better to have lots of options and interests than none at all.



Always be learning

Not a book-head? Not a problem, there’s’ audio now.

Create positive habits that will help you grow. Make it a habit to learn something new each day and eventually you´re mind will start to wander.

Ever had a random thought such as, ¨hmm I wonder how photoshop works, or hmm I wonder how a website is built?¨

The answer is just a google search away!

So search away mis amigos!

There´s nothing better than to have a mind flowing with the next million dollar idea. And after you have the idea, execute!

Remember do many things, so if this doesn´t work, kill it and then move on to the next idea.

I always wondered how digital advertising worked. You guessed it, I hoped on google and youtube for a week straight. (Facebook itself teaches you how their advertising platform works here and Google here.)

Everything is on the web! 99% of the time is FREE, I like free don´t you?

After 2k invested in trial and error with Facebook ads, I believe I´ve obtained some real knowledge that I can now apply to my online projects.

So this is just my personal experience with a task I pursued to the end.

I´ll be posting soon my top ten books which have helped me to stay hungry and create self-help strategies.


Okay sounds great…but where do I start?


So if you´re currently in a 9-5, like me, it´s easy.

Step 1: Finish all of your ¨slave¨ work as fast as you can! I tend to set a goal, which is to finish my work at 12 pm or 1 pm at the latest.

Step 2: Pull up your project, or book, video, idea or anything that you want to either learn about or work on.

Step 3: FOCUS! So look as if you´re doing your slave work like everyone else. Remember no boss wants you to work on anything else other than your slave work.

Step 4: Set a goal to finish what you set out to work on or learn.

Step 5 (optional): When you get home, kiss the dog and get back to work. It´s important to remember that the more you work on your dreams the faster you will reach them.


Final thoughts




So we´re now half-way through the year. It’s the perfect time to take 10 minutes of your day to just reflect on your year so far and ask yourself these questions.

Have I accomplished or started on my goals?

What have I done to get closer to my goals?

I´m I happy with my performance so far?

If the answers are not to your satisfaction, then it´s time to make some tweaks.

Remember don´t be hard on yourself, just doing something is far greater than not doing anything at all.

So let´s work smart!

Please comment below if you can relate, or if you have some advice for our fellow Latino community.
As always please share this post with someone who may benefit from it & support our blog and movement by picking up any of our cool T-shirts!

Love you guys, stay chévere!

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